How to select a wedding venue? A dream comes true!


Being an engaged couple, everyone wants their marriage ceremony to be celebrated in a grand way. Some of them dream of celebrating this precious day in a place in between nature or hotels or resorts. But the biggest problem is how to select a wedding venue.

As there are so many options available these days, so you might get confused to identify the best destination for your most awaited wedding. There are some common but major factors that surely needed to be considered. Depending on the factors like supreme priorities, estimated budget, decoration plans, catering goals a perfect venue can be selected.

Try out the ultimate and easy guide for how to select a wedding venue

1-Design a priority list

So finally, it is your day. Make sure, everything is prepared as per you and your partner’s desire. Starting from the location to catering, everything should be as perfect as the plan planned. At the initial phase, prepare a priority list by sitting down calmly with your partner. Respect each other’s plans and opinions.

2-Find the easy location for your wedding

Think of the location you want whether it is a casual beach, a five-star hotel, or a resort beside a lake or mountain. Be careful while selecting the location because your guests should also feel comfortable attending the ceremony in such a place. Beaches are very good options for wedding venues.

3-Make sure about the budget

Coming to the estimated budget, one should be able to determine how much money is going to be spent in the ceremony. For this purpose, every close person in the family should come together and have a detailed talk. Because a venue can be booked depending on the budget only. Depending on the budget, the entire plan for the wedding can be made.

4-Do a headcount check

Next, count the people who are about to join the ceremony. A headcount check will also aid in budget planning. This will give a brief idea of how much to spend on accommodation and catering. Depending on the headcount, food varieties are also planned and food wastage can also be minimized.

5-Have a direct contact to the venue

Besides having an online search for venues, it is always preferable to visit the same personally and have a direct talk. This will reduce the communication gap between the customer and the staff. One can easily notice the services of the staff once he/she personally visit. They can freely discuss the pricing information also.

6-Prioritize the wish list

Give priority to the wish list. Every couple has their own list of wishes. It should not happen that the own wishes remain planned but not fulfilled while trying to satisfy the wishes of others. For this reason, a special request can be made to the staff of the venue and one can surprise his partner.


These simple and easy ways aid in selecting the best suitable wedding venue for a couple. So there is no chance of arising questions like how to select a wedding venue. A wedding venue is a center of attraction for a perfect marriage ceremony. Then why to compromise while thinking to select the best one?