Wedding Shoes: Styles For The Groom

On the most important day, wedding shoes add elegance to the groom’s image with models of shoes of famous brands, good quality, and aesthetics. On the wedding day, grooms, like brides, want to look perfect.

After selecting the groom’s suit, it is the shift to choose shoes for the groom, which will render a harmonious and stylish appearance with the model of the wedding outfit. There are quite a few possibilities for men’s wedding shoes. However, different wedding concepts demand a multifaceted approach to clothing and shoes.

After purchasing the one ring to rule, of all the to-do’s on a groom’s marriage planning list is picking out the outfit for which he will be judged forever in innumerable photos. It’s high pressure, certainly, but there’s a silver lining. It’s a rare opportunity for a fellow to invest in nicer than everyday flops. Of course, that goes primarily for shoes to pay off for years to come, if picked judiciously.

Cap Toe Lace-Up Shoes

The cap-toe lace-up technique can visibly be distinguished from other lace-up shoes for the horizontal stitching over the toe box that continues till the welt of both sides, similar to some heel caps. While this kind of detailing can be noticed in other styles like loafers, boots, and the like, the simplicity of this lace-up offers it an ideal match for your suit on your wedlock.

Lace-Up Shoes

Lace-up shoes arrive with laces to hold and secure the shoe’s fit on one’s feet. However, its vogue can vary in shoe lacing arrangement, either a derby or an oxford. A derby has an open-shoe lacing system, whereas an oxford has a closed shoe lacing system. Whether it is patent or smooth leather or an oxford or a derby, this classic style will not disappoint, making you look like a spirited debonair on your wedding day.

Double Monk Strap Shoes

Want to avoid laces? Want more texture? Go for monk straps. Unlike loafers, this type of shoe adds more character to your look with its buckle and leather detailing. While single monk strap pairs are available, double monk strap pairs are the classy and bolder alternative. They’re perfect for extraordinary occasions, a.k.a. your wedding. Normally, in shades of tan or brown, paired monk-strap shoes are best paired with army green or navy blue suits.


Donning a pair of loafers on your marriage day is a fuss-free option that’ll hold you looking stylish and sophisticated. Besides holding no shoelaces, it’s also very comfortable because a loafer usually has low heels. And with the exact details, it can be a timeless pair for a day to cherish. Of course, you can keep re-wearing them also after the wedding, too!


For all you sneakerheads who favor comfort above anything else, kicks are an alternative for your specific day. A pair of solid-colored clean-cut sneakers will look fabulous with just about any suit without compromising the purpose of looking classy and timeless. Plus, wearing sneakers instead of heeled shoe devises you with one less thing to bother about while dancing the night away with your bride!


The “brogues” relate to the perforations or holes on the cap of the toe. In some cases, it is placed on the sides of the shoe. Initially, it was designed for the functional reason of draining water. However, a pair of brogues can still be chic in either an oxford or derby style. And while it is comparable to any couple of lace-ups, the detailing that comes with the brogues makes it a standout choice that gives a fun vibe to your look.

Wrap Up

Take the above thoughtfulness into record while choosing your wedding shoes. Not only will your look be complete, but you’ll have a fashionable, stylish, and comfortable pair of shoes to get hitched in too. Now that you have a better idea about how to find the perfect wedding, shoes start shoe shopping and try on a variety of styles to find yours. Don’t overlook to try the boots on with your wedding suit, and once you’ve got your entire outfit ready, you can select on your wedding hairstyle to complete the look.