Wedding Anniversary Wishes: Write in an Anniversary Card

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So, you’ve written “Happy wedding anniversary” on the card – what next? Even the most artistic among us can fight to know what to reproduce in a wedding anniversary card, notably when you’re attempting to get across your heartfelt words in just a few letters.

Whether you’re drafting a wedding anniversary card for your companion or addressing wedding anniversary wishes to your parents, best friends, or sibling, everyone acknowledges a handwritten note commemorating the day they tied the knot and how far they’ve grown as a couple since then.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes

These words are all for you to communicate in a wedding anniversary card to a twosome. They’re romantic and engaging, and the couple will recognize them a lot. Wedding anniversary wishes are a blend of congratulations for making it to the next annual milestone and wishes for eternity.

If you’d like to compose your own unique wedding anniversary wishes, try lettering down the top five words and expressions that come to intellect when you think of the pair or your other half, like committed, funny, beautiful, or a match made in heaven. These will get your mind moving around desires that would suit them!

Alternatively, apply one of our example messages covering everything from romantic marriage anniversary wishes to humorous ones. Most are simple for you to personalize, so perceive free to copy and style them as much as you like (we won’t mention if you don’t!)

  1. You have experienced so much love and laughter over your years, and I appreciate there will be many more joyful times in your future. I wish you all the delight on your wedding anniversary and on every married day to come.
  2. I wish a perfect pair a wonderful day.
  3. The two of you glow with the love you share for each other. May that light grows ever brighter on your wedding anniversary and each year that passes by.
  4. May the passion you feel for each other on your wedding anniversary spread ever more vital and more fulfilling as the times go by
  5. Congratulations on another year of falling more rooted in love with each other. Happy anniversary!
  6. I hope every day you experience is more beautiful than the last! Happy anniversary.
  7. May the passion you have shared in your first five years of matrimony grow stronger as you grow old unitedly. Happy anniversary – to everything you have to grow!
  8. One year! You made it! Happy first wedding anniversary to a lovely couple – here’s to many, many more.
  9. You make this marriage thing look easy! Here’s to another 20 years.
  10. To another year accompanying life’s path hand-in-hand and heart-in-heart!
  11. Even after so many years collectively, you can still see that giddy first love in your eyes. You’re an example to all of us, and long may you continue to be.
  12. Here’s to a wonderful year past and an exciting one to come. Bring on the next – every day is a chance to make your dreams come true.
  13. You’re both weird. Congratulations on being made for each other!
  14. Befalling in love is easy; sojourning in love is another. You’ve done it, though, and you’re an inspiration to the rest of us.

If you’re reproducing a wedding anniversary card to your partner, here are some samples of messages you could incorporate…

  1. Today, at our ceremony, I want you to know how much I’ve appreciated annoying you all this time and how thrilled I am to keep doing it forever.
  2. Another year of cherished remembrances under our belt! Happy anniversary, [name]. Here’s to another year of discovering new things about each other and growing our marriage.
  3. 15 years! You’ve made me fortunate through every one of them. Joyful anniversary to us!
  4. How lucky am I to be coupled with a man like you? Happy anniversary, dear, and here’s to many more numerous years.
  5. You’re my favorite husband so far.
  6. I didn’t believe it was conceivable to love you any more than I did when I married you, yet every day I do. Here’s to our love.
  7. If I had to continue my life again, I’d find you sooner so that I could love you longer. Happy anniversary to us!
  8. Being united to you is like owning a best friend who doesn’t recollect anything I say, but I wouldn’t hold it any other way. Happy anniversary to my amazing husband!
  9. You are the kindest, most entertaining, strongest, smartest man I know – and I’m the luckiest.
  10. Thank you for another year of your passion. I vow to spend the following 365 days making you the most fortunate man on earth.
  11. After all this living, my soul still melts when you step into a room.
  12. Happy anniversary to the marvelous husband and father, We all love you so much.
  13. Even though you snore like mad and drop your muddy football shorts on the new rug, I wouldn’t hold you any other way.
  14. I admire you so much I might still let you choose what takeaway we place tonight (I get to choose the boxset, though). There’s no one else I’d rather cuddle on the couch and be in bed by 10 pm with.
  15. I’m so lucky to have you. Thanks for putting up with me.

If you’re addressing a wedding anniversary card to your lady, here are some samples of romantic wedding anniversary promises which she’s sure to acknowledge.

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  1. Thank you for perpetually being there for me, on our anniversary, and all day. Happy wedding anniversary!
  2. Here’s to countless more years with my better-in-every-way half. Solemnly, marrying you was the most intelligent thing I eternally did.
  3. I believe so blessed to be able to call you my wife this time and every time. Happy anniversary, [Name]!
  4. There’s nowhere I’d rather be in this life than here with you by my team. Happy anniversary!
  5. I’ll love you even when we’re gray and wrinkly. Happy anniversary to us!
  6. Being with you gains every day feel like it’s our anniversary. I feel privileged to have you by my front. I admire you, and happy anniversary!
  7. Beaming with you is the best part of my day, and I can’t hold I get to take that every day.
  8. From our first call to now, our first anniversary, I love you more every time I’m with you.
  9. The best marriages are created on teamwork, and I’m fortunate to have had you on mine since day 1. Here’s to another year of continually being on each other’s team.
  10. It’s been a tough year, but we’re stronger. And when the world is unpredictable, I know you’re the one point I can always be assured of. Thank you for loving me.
  11. Everything occurs for a reason, and it drove me to you. Forever won’t be deep enough to tell you all the means I love you.
  12. We are celebrating the anniversary of the lady who gave me our wonderful family. How did I get so lucky?
  13. I don’t understand where I’d be without you, and I never need to discover. Here’s to many more years of enjoyment and happiness. Happy anniversary!
  14. Yours is still my favorite face in society.
  15. Happy anniversary to my most loyal friend and soul mate. To a gorgeous wife and a blessed life!
  16. I’m still rolling with the excitement that I accomplished to marry someone as warm, witty, and drop-dead gorgeous as you. 
  17. Four years in, and I still don’t understand how I did it. Partnering with you was the best decision I ever made, and I can’t wait to enjoy many more years together. Happy anniversary, darling!

If your parents celebrate their wedding anniversary, send them a polite wedding anniversary card to show you’re considering them. One of these wedding anniversary hopes will do nicely…  These are ideal for grandparents too!

  1. Thanks for setting so much pressure on me by placing the bar so high. For what a good alliance looks like. I have a lot to continue up to. Happy anniversary, Mum and Dad!
  2. It drives most people to decide what they need their futures to look like, but I understood from the very start. I hope my future looks precisely like your present—happy anniversary to my graceful parents.
  3. Mum and Dad, I recognize every day how happy you get each other. I hope you proceed to make each other that happy each year to come. Happy anniversary!
  4. Your affection in good and bad times has taught us union. Your comfort during each other’s struggles has guided our solidarity. Happy anniversary!
  5. You’re an incentive to those fortunate enough to know you. I’m lucky to have you as my parents.
  6. The two of you are so obviously meant to be together – it was dedicated to being! On your wedding anniversary, I believe you look back with affection on all of your married years together and look to the prospect with excitement. I can’t anticipate everything our family has to get. Happy anniversary!

Wedding anniversary wishes for your associates or siblings can be a bit more informal. Please choose from these or apply them to inspire your own…

  1. It’s tough to believe that the little brother who trailed me around for all those years has now been wedded for ten! I’m proud of you, little bro. Happy anniversary to both of you!
  2. I still cherish the times when you desired to ask her out. It only appears like yesterday! Now with ten years of the alliance under your belt, I wish you a happy anniversary. Here’s too many more!
  3. A happy anniversary to my beautiful friends; I can’t wait for all of the years to come.
  4. May your love tale never possess an end, and may your passion for each other improve and expand—happy anniversary to you both.
  5. I’m so glad for love you two share. We all adore you so much and hope you have a fantastic anniversary!
  6. I became buddies with you both individually, and you’re each so different in your way – but together, you’re unstoppable. I can’t anticipate seeing what experiences the next year brings!
  7. My life is so much more enjoyable with a brother and sister-in-law in it as you.
  8. What’s the program tonight, then? Fancy eatery? Think you’ve got a period for a third wheel?
  9. Can you believe it’s been ten years since you first kissed at the club at college? Look at you and your expanding family now. I’m so happy to recognize you and so glad you discovered each other. Here’s to lots more times together.

Remembered being a fraction of a joker? Choose from these funny wedding anniversary wishes…

  1. The mystery to a happy marriage is knowing what your other half wishes in bed. Most of the time, it’s a mug of tea and a bacon sandwich.
  2. Sometimes I query how I settled up with you, but then I imagine you put up with me too. Call it even? I love you.
  3. You two are so much fun to be around. Please can you adopt me?
  4. You’re as good collectively as mac and cheese. Happy anniversary!
  5. There are lots of causes why I’ve stayed united with you for so many years. You make lovely tea, you pay for Netflix, you buy me pizza, and you laugh at my jokes. Here’s hoping it continues… Happy anniversary!
  6. I love you, and I want to knock you in the face in equal quantities. But isn’t that how good marriage is supposed to be?
  7. I have a declaration to make: I’ve been noticing someone, and I’ve fallen for them. It’s you!
  8. You’re the kind of marathon racing couple I always knew would go the distance. I’m thrilled to be proved right.
  9. It was cheesy, but somehow, they always knew they’d brie together. Happy anniversary, you two!
  10. No refunds. You got this crazy for life. Well done on surviving another year.
  11. Husband, I love you deeper and deeper every day except last Tuesday. You were pretty annoying then. Happy anniversary!
  12. If there were an award for the best marriage, you’d win it. Then again, you’d probably have set up the awards too…
  13. I don’t know why more people aren’t jealous of you – you married the most beautiful, funny person in the world. I guess I did OK with you too…

It’ll be positive to resonate with your other share of the couple in mind…

  1. Real love stories never have endings.
  2. Successful marriage demands falling in love many times, forever with the same person.
  3. Sexiness diminishes thin after a while, and beauty evaporates. But to be coupled to a man who gets you laugh every day, now that’s a genuine treat.
  4. Being someone’s first love may be significant.
  5. To be their ultimate love is beyond perfect.
  6. A happy marriage is a deep conversation that forever seems too short.
  7. I declare I couldn’t love you more further than I do right now, and yet I understand I will tomorrow.
  8. If I breathed a million lives, I would’ve felt a million feelings, and I still would’ve fallen a million times for you.
  9. Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
  10. To society, you may be one person, but you are the world to one person.
  11. Being in a long alliance is a little bit like that excellent cup of coffee every daybreak – I might have it every day, but I still appreciate it.
  12. Traditional marriage is just two incomplete people who refuse to give up on each other.
  13. Marriage: a connection in which one person is always best, and one person is the husband.