Wedding Pre-shoot: Envision a Story & Capture Candid Moments

Wedding Pre-shoot its all about wedding

In the ten or so years, it is has become popular to book a pre-wedding photo session, also called an engagement photoshoot a few months or weeks before your wedding.

The main aim is to get to know your photographer, and they can get to know you as a couple. You can spend a little bit of time in a low-pressure situation talking about and overcoming your fears of getting photographed and rehearsing the role of being models in front of the camera.

It is entirely the couple’s choice to opt in or out of having a pre-shoot, but I’d recommend it, especially if you’re a bit nervous about being in front of the camera.

How To Pick The Best Destination For Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Before determining a location, you have to engage a professional wedding photographer to undertake all your wedding shoots. Then, the followings come:

1. Your Story

When deciding a location, the first thing to contemplate is your story – How it all began like: How you met, where you met for the first time, your first date location, your first holiday destination, your first movie together, who proposed first, and where precisely the proposal was made.

2. Your Personality

Suppose the shoot is following your personality, then definitely the result will be best. While analyzing locations for your pre-wedding shoot, don’t just ignore the traits you guys own. It will provide you that ease and comfort, which will be spontaneously reflected in your photos.

3. Theme & Rheme

Your theme must be in sync with your preferred location, and if it is not so, it will influence the pictures at the end. Your favored theme will help your photographer to understand the requirements of lenses and other equipment and (if required) props.

4. Whether The Weather Is Right

Weather and the season of the wedding can’t be overlooked. Weather will very much impact your photographs. It is always good to estimate the time and season of your nuptials before taking the pre-wedding photoshoot venue.

5. Your Pocket Is What Cures You

The more you consume, the more valuable your pre-wedding photoshoot can go, but if you are tight on budget, you should consider this before choosing a pre-wedding location. Make your pre-wedding photoshoot the best one for your lifetime. Clarity on the budget is obligatory.

6. Off-Season Or Peak Season

While choosing your pre-wedding photoshoot, make sure the neighborhood will not be swamped with lots of people. Like in May and June, you may discover it challenging to get those candid pictures on the beach. You will rarely get any site to get the job done.

7. What Time Is Your Photo Shoot?

Whether you want to shoot a sunrise or the sunset as your backdrop, study this before choosing the location. If it is a historical monument you yearn to have your pre-wedding photoshoot take place in, you can’t go there in the evening as it is not allowed in most areas.

8. Your Mood & Style

Your mood and style matter a lot before finally choosing any location for your pre-wedding photoshoot, as when your mood and style will have a perfect blend with the selected place, the perfect pictures will come.

9. Tour The Location Before Photo Shoot

It is prudent to visit your location previously to have an excellent pre-wedding photoshoot. Spending a day is good in all those chosen locations may cost you sometime earlier but will save a lot afterward. You will have a clear opinion about the place inside out.

10. Ask Your Photographer

They have an excellent insight into most places, and they can help you exactly where and how you can find the best pictures.

Various Locations Which You Can Choose From:

Nature And Landscapes

There is myriads of breathtaking landscapes and locations. For couples who are affectionate with nature and landscapes, it is perpetually easy to go to any of the hill locations for their pre-wedding shoot as it makes it easy for them to pick. No much brainstorming is needed. No much effort is required. Treat this as a short vacation.

Forts and Palaces

For fort lovers, there are countless forts and palaces all across the country. If you have eternally envisioned your story to be a royal one, then nothing can be more satisfying than going for a fort or a palace to go ahead with. Your shutterbug will have plenty of backdrops to seize with you two. You will enjoy the whole adventure altogether.

Heritage Buildings

Heritage buildings are undoubtedly for you. If you are the one who likes to time travel, then choose a heritage site for capturing moments in time as it will be the best idea to go ahead with. Heritage site works well as your backdrop and gives an instant “sense-of-place” as they look grandiose.

Hotel and Resorts

If you prefer to photoshoot indoor, then going with hotels and resorts will add to your pictures that tinge. These luxury resorts have unique architecture + landscaping, and your photographer will have too much to create magic! You will love the idea all in all!

Parks and Marketplaces

If yours is an adventurous style, then surely going local will help you get the best pictures. Your photographer will be able to capture those candid moments by having parks your backdrop. It’s a perfect idea to spend time with your spouse to be while taking a walk in your favorite part of the city amidst the crowd. Good to go out of your comfort zone and get the candid moments of your life captured magnificently.

Final Thoughts

Be confident with your body and with yourself. Stop worrying about the better side or, the better angle. It’s a date with your spouse to be. Make out the best of it. Be Happy, Be Playful, Be close, Be Romantic, Feel Love, Show your best crazy. Look into each other’s eyes while talking. Be Happy!!