Top 5 Wonderful Inexpensive Wedding Venues

Inexpensive Wedding Venues

When you’re trapped in a crowd of more than 1000 guests at a reception, marriages are your destination. Marry your friends and family at an elegant wedding service. Knot ties far from city crowds’ hustle and bustle. For most sets, resort weddings can be an extravagant event, but few even consider the right choices for Inexpensive wedding venues.

Inexpensive wedding venues to plan your big day

But all that is good must not be costly, and all that is good must not be inexpensive. For one instance, we call this list the best budget marriage locations, but it’s not too costly and your experience is no problem.

1. Pride Sun Village, Goa

Pride Sun Village Inexpensive Wedding Venues

Finde in Pride Sun Village Resort And Spa the natural fusion between modernity and tradition. The resort promises unparalleled accomodation with a carefully curated location for your holiday, in picturesque harmony of convenience and luxury.

There are 127 luxury rooms. They have a lawn and a reception lobby appropriate for pre-marriages, after-marriage parties and for marriages, with an excellent atmosphere and a wonderful view. Give your wedding day their right.

  • Costs for a holiday in Pride Sun Village Goan: INR 12.70 lakhs for 150 visitors for 2 days
  • Accommodation & Food Inclusions
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2. Hari Mahal Palace, Jaipur

Hari Mahal Palace Inexpensive Wedding Venues

Hari Mahal Palace, Jaipur, is a superb property in the city centre for a marriage town in Jaipur with under 15 lakhs. Hari Mahal Palace. It has been designed as Rajadhiraj Hari Singhji’s town residence. The palace’s architecture is a merger of British, Mughal and Rajputan styles.

The palace’s royal bedrooms are turned into 11 suites with due respect to the royal history. There are 50 rooms for your visitors with spacious facilities. They deliver lip-smacking food in their catering facilities. The Palace has everything to remind you of your visit.

  • Cost of a wedding in Hari Mahal Jaipur: IN R 14 Lakhs for 150 guests for a two days duration
  • Accommodation & Food Inclusions

3. Bhairavgarh, Udaipur

Bhairavgarh Inexpensive Wedding Venues

One of the famous wedding venues for Bhairav Garh Resort is Udaipur. It has a hall, a swimming pool and a gardens which can be combined to organise different wedding events. The location provides caterers outside.

They can even be decorated outside. They have 42 luxury rooms and suites that can certainly make anyone loved by the property as well and are well fitted with new facilities.

  • Cost of the wedding in Bhairavgarh Udaipur for 150 guests for 2 days: INR 14.5 lakhs
  • Accommodation & Food Inclusions

4. Bijolai Palace, Jodhpur

Bijolai Palace Inexpensive wedding venues

Bijolai Palace – an India Hotel in Jodhpur is a common venue both for luxurious and straightforward marriages. They have a very professional and friendly team of staff who offer warm accommodation and facilities for visitors. There are 30 super luxury rooms.

They sell both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food on weddings at the catering facility in-house. It also has a lovely decoration for the wedding celebrations, DJ and alcohol.

  • Cost for the wedding in Bijolai Palace, Jodhpur: INR 14.30 lakhs for 2 days.
  • Accommodation & Food Inclusions
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5. Marugarh, Jodhpur

Marugarh Inexpensive wedding venues

Marugarh Resort, Jodhpur, provides anything you might like, with a large lawn and two large banqueting halls, for planning your pre-wedded and wedding events.

The rooms are 51. Choose the smaller banquets and the gigantic lawn to have the ideal big fat Indian wedding. The resort offers an outstanding range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines for your wedding day, with its variety, grandeur and quality.

The pair are provided with change rooms at the venue, which makes planning themselves on their wedding day comfortable to them.

  • Wedding cost: INR 13,60 lakh for 150 guests for 2 days
  • Accommodation – Inclusions


This exclusively selected collection of India’s best inexpensive wedding venues will certainly be a supreme guide to those couples who want to marry during an intimate wedding ceremony. For all budgets under 25 lakhs I have selected the best destination marriage venues. And now it’s quick on your picked budget to schedule a destination wedding.