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Must Know Outdoor Weddings Checklist

Must Know Outdoor Weddings Checklist

Outdoor Weddings – Getting married outside add a romantic, relaxed feeling to your wedding, but it comes with lot of challenges. Outdoor weddings may appear relaxing but it does require careful planning. This outdoor weddings checklist is designed to make sure you don’t miss any of the details. Happy Planning!!

Alternate Shelter Plan – It is important to have a backup plan for shelter and to have enough time to make a call in case a change is required. Make sure you discuss it with your wedding planner and have all the required permits. Pic Courtesy

Outdoor Weddings – Planning & Management

Outdoor seats are usually wrought iron or wood, which can get uncomfortable if sitting for long periods. Use decorative cushions or pillows for comfort and wedding decor. Pic Courtesy

If your wedding and reception ceremonies are both set in an outdoor venue than make arrangements for insect repellents, shades, and hand towels. Do discuss these small additions with your vendors beforehand. Pic Courtesy

It is important to keep your guests hydrated, arrangements of water bottles, cold beers and other beverages available. Ensure all tables, food and drinks are well protected from the weather. Extra ovens or fridges may be required so do list down a backup generator for power. Pic Courtesy

Ensure all tables, food and drinks are well protected from the weather.

If your wedding is going into evening, adequate lighting is must. Stringing outdoor fairy lights, hanging mason jars with votives or put camping lanterns undernaeth table cloths for a glowing evening lighting idea. Pic Courtesy

If your wedding is going into evening, adequate lighting is must.

Must Know Checklist – Outdoor Weddings

DJ needs appropriate shade and temperature control and a separate shaded place with electricity backup. A sound system  and microphone is must  for everyone to hear shared sentiments. Last but not the least, make sure you have a portable dance floor, you don’t want your guests with twisted ankles. Pic Courtesy

Dance Floor - Outdoor Weddings

Photobooth in an outdoor wedding can go from vintage frame hanging through branches to a rustic setup of a room. Whatever you decide on make sure you use colorful items to decorate the space, huge cutout flowers to swirling ribbons you have number of options. Pic Courtesy

Ensure bathroom facilities are easy accessible, hire a portable executive trailer washroom. Do consider ample parking space near the venue or organize a mini-bus to collect guests or ore-arrange taxis so guests are not left stranded. Pic Courtesy

 This outdoor weddings checklist is effective tool to maintain control at a big wedding. After all its all about weddings!!


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