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Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal shower planning involves lot of work and love, it is a matter of honor to be holding the most cherished day for your friend. Choices are unlimited and you may get stuck in the planning, start with the theme and you can take it from there one by one. These simple bridal shower ideas from invitations to party favors, will help you guide through the planning and making the day memorable.

Bridal Shower Ideas

Announce the theme right off with an eye-catching invitation. You can get customized bridal shower invitation online, once you have the template add personal touches. Frame the bridal shower invitation, along with the bride’s engagement portrait, it makes a attractive tale decor element.  Pics Courtesy

Bridal Shower Ideas- Invitations

A floral arrangement with vintage touches makes any bridal shower mystical. Use seasonal elements to make sure that the decor looks upbeat and matches the tone of the overall arrangement. Splurge on the bride’s table centerpiece and save on the rest by creating a smaller version.

Cakes- Bridal Shower

Don’t be shy of glitter, vibrant jewel tones pop in pictures. Table runners, place mats and overall theme mixed with bit of neutrals can work as beautiful background. A glittering tablecloth is glamours and feminine.

Table Decor- Bridal Shower

These mug-sized floral arrangements serve a dual purpose, gift them to the bride after the shower as a token to remember the special day.

Flower Decor- Bridal Shower 1

Bridal Shower Ideas –  Drink Station

Dress up the drink station, to keep it budget friendly use the flowers you are already including in the decor. Affix custom labels to champagne on wine bottles to help to go with the theme. Remember to include non alcoholic options as well.

Drinks - Bridal Shower 1

Drinks - Bridal Shower

Pamper your guests with beauty goodies, you can have a spa day as a theme of the day. If you are into sewing or stitching, use craft supplies like burlap, beads, glitter, customization patterns to dress up store bought favors.

Favors- Bridal Shower

When it comes to gifts, it is important to consider gifting something of sentimental value. A family heirloom, collage from the moments you shared as kids or in college, her favorite song or quote embossed.

Games- Bridal Shower

A golden frame, paper flowers, chalkboard  signage with an interesting message or quote will make any celebration interesting. decorate the back of bride’s chair with charming sign that matches the shower theme colors. Get crafty with your friends to create the perfect signage for the occasion.

  Signage - Bridal Shower 1

Signage - Bridal Shower

Bridal shower ideas are unlimited and it all depends on the person for you are hosting the event. Watch this space for more interesting Bridal shower ideas, After All Its All About Weddings!

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