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10 Best Wedding Planning Apps

10 Best Wedding Planning Apps

In this digital age there is no place for jumbo binders when you are planning your special day, these wedding planning apps will make your planning easy and will keep you on your timeline. From sites that ensure you manage your budget to completing your shopping tasks these apps have got everything. We have gathered 10 best wedding planning apps which will help you to organize smart.

Free Wedding Planning Apps

Wedding Happy is the simplest wedding planning app to work around. It creates a customized to-do list once you enter the anticipated wedding date. With a dashboard overview available at all times. You don’t even need a network connection to use it. The handy ‘Export & Email’ feature lets you send your schedule and vendor information to everyone who needs to know. Link

Wedding Happy - the simplest wedding planning app to work around

Wedding Party is all you need if you want to see the wedding from your guests eyes. You can setup a free account in few minutes and then use the invite system to tell your guests you’re using Wedding Party and even print out the free posters and place cards to make sure people know to use it. Link

Wedding planning from the eyes of your guests

Best wedding planning app when time is just flying by, Wedding Countdown is free app which help you keep track of it. Choose to countdown in any combination of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, or heartbeats and kisses if you like the cringe factor. Personalize the countdown with your favorite photos and songs that you have stored in you phone. You can keep the app after your big day and track your anniversaries too. Link

Best wedding planning app when time is just flying by, Wedding Countdown is free app which help you keep track of it.

Easy to use Wedding Planning Apps

One of the biggest challenges faced by anyone while organizing wedding is Budget. This app is a great help, allowing you to keep track of expenses and giving you a clear view of your budget status.Adjusting the budget of each component makes your wedding planning easy and puts you in the control.

Wedding Budget App

Travel planning and making stay arrangements takes up lot of time and effort, Tripit is easy to access and can provide you customized packages for travel and stay. Link

Tripit App

Get your music in place, if you are planning to run your wedding music from iPod or iPhone you need Wedding DJ. This clever app will prevent the order getting muddled or the music cutting out. Use it to plan out all the music you’d like at your wedding. Link

Wedding DJ APP

You can loose the sight of fitness while planning the big event. Myfitnesspal is great to keep check on your fitness routine and motivate to loose few pounds for your big day. You simply set a daily calorie goal (or allow the app to calculate it for you), and record your daily food and exercise to make sure you stay on track.  Link


With Appy Couple you can design your very own app and showcase all of the information about your wedding day in one place. This includes sharing photos, shopping the registry, travel and hotel details, as well as the all-important RSVPs. Link

Appy Couple Wedding App


Pinterest has got it all you need, from wedding invites to honeymoon planning, get inspired by the huge collection and unlimited applications available at one point.


Discover the latest wedding trends with the BridalPulse app. It instantly updates daily with new content provided by your favorite top wedding blogs. Additionally, the app provides you with recommended posts based on what you’re looking for, and popular posts based on the most read articles. Link

Bridal Pulse App


You can download these wedding planning apps, they are available on iPhone and Androids. Make a smart choice and manage your special day the way yo want it. After All its All About Weddings!!

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